This is Not the Time to be Silent About the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

In 2014, I had an abortion. It was an abortion that was medically necessary but an abortion nonetheless. I first wrote about my abortion just a few weeks after it happened. I was pregnant and my baby was no longer viable. I went to my regular doctor appointment where we unsuccessfully tried to hear for […]

“Hidden Fences” Are Real!

Now that awards season is over, you’re likely familiar with the titles of and possibly the actors who stared in the nominated and winning films.  “Hidden Figures” , a film based on the true story of three African American Mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race, was one such film.  “Fences” , the […]

Is My Bias Showing? (Moving from Woke-ish to Woke)

That part of my career spent in HR has been filled with new learning about people. All kinds of people. One thing I have come to learn is that there is a huge difference between understanding something about another person’s experience and feeling what they feel. I can’t know how they feel about certain things […]

Fine, Be a Bigot

It’s not often our parents suggest we are anything less than authentic but from time to time back in my teenage years, my mom would tell me, “Heather, you may be the devil’s spawn but for God’s sake, quit acting like it!” She was, of course, suggesting that I present a kinder, more gentler me. Perhaps […]

Blue Lights, White Privilege

Let me start this by acknowledging that it represents a single data point. There is just not sufficient information to determine why the officer involved did what he did. I believe that many white Americans can simply not comprehend what is referred to as white privilege, and I hope maybe this will help in at […]

Legislation to Protect Unearned Privilege by Tim Gardner

As I write this today, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has let it be known that he is vetoing the proposed “Free Exercise Protection Act”,  House Bill 757. Legislation to Protect Unearned Privilege by Tim Gardner The “protection” part of the act was to protect faith-based groups who refused to provide social, educational or charitable services that […]