The Power of Words

The Power of Words I just wanted to share one of my favorite holiday workplace memories. Thank you in advance for watching! [youtube video=”khfHfZa_HeA” width=”700″ height=”420″]  

HR Lessons From the NFL

HR Lessons From the NFL So, lately, the NFL has been in the news about an incident which is still unfolding with the Miami Dolphins.  For the time being, this incident is centering around a couple of players – Johnathon Martin and Richie Incognito. The accusations range from bullying to racial discrimination to hazing and […]

Fighting the Knee Jerk Reaction

Tips for Finding Effective Solutions in the Workplace

I’ve been fighting against my own knee jerk reactions lately.  Whether it is at work or at home, the knee-jerk reaction can be a compelling option when  you need to get a problem off your desk quickly. I blame it on the constant bombardment of information.  We need quick and easy so we can move […]