Everything HR Needs to Know About Paid Leave of Absence

Sometimes, an employee will need to take an extended leave of absence from work to take care of an often abrupt and usually important or significant situation in their lives. This can often be an incredibly stressful event that can make employees nervous about their job security or financial status. Because of this, it’s crucial […]

Military Leave Policy Resources for Employers

For service members in civilian jobs who may be deployed while on reserve or in the National Guard, it’s imperative that they and their families can feel financially stable while they’re on assignment. A solid military leave policy can help your employees in the military to feel confident that their job and civilian life is […]

Bereavement Leave Policies and Examples for HR

When the worst happens, your employees need the most support possible. They are going through something horrible, and the grief does not need to be exacerbated by the stress of work. They will need time off to mourn. A generous and flexible bereavement leave is an incredibly important policy for your company to have. If […]

Everything HR Needs to Know About Holiday Time Off

Your employees use holiday time off to take a break from their responsibilities, spend time with family, and/or celebrate religious observation. It’s super important that your business has a solid holiday time off policy, not just so your employees can have a well-deserved break when needed, but also to protect your company from being accused […]

Everything HR Needs to Know About Sabbaticals

Everything HR Needs to Know About Sabbaticals Employees taking sabbaticals? You heard me correctly—sabbaticals are becoming increasingly more common in the non-academic world, especially in the private sector. A 2018 study by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that about 15% of employers were offering sabbaticals to their employees. What is a sabbatical? Originally, […]

Parental Leave Policy Guide for HR

Parental Leave Policy Guide for HR   What is Parental Leave? Parental leave is a benefit provided to employees that allows them to take time off whenever they need to care for young children, especially infants. Parental leave is an incredibly important benefit. Employees need to know that if they intend to start or add […]