June Office Blues

And now the fun begins. No matter where you are in the US, summer is slowly starting. In my region an unseasonably rainy May kept us at bay, the swimming pools not used, basketball courts empty and only the most intrepid runners facing Spring showers. But the sun has returned and the air is full […]

I’m Sorry HR But Like Public Enemy Said: “Can’t Trust It”

It was a typical day. I was driving along listening to the Backspin channel. Reminiscing, rapping, and relishing a time when rap music had meaning.  “Can’t Truss It”, by Public Enemy came on, so naturally, I felt it necessary to match the energy of Chuck D and Flava Flav and rap along.   As is the […]

You Hired Kanye West?

His resume is a perfect fit. Required Skills? Check. Desired Skills? Check. Stuff you didn’t even know you wanted? Check. By the time you reach the last word on his resume you mentally stamp it with HIRED.  In your mind, the interview is just a formality so you miss all of the warnings and cues […]

There Are Levels To This… A Word on Employee Relations

I wonder at times if companies understand or care about the risk employee issues pose to the organization. I have worked in organizations where nothing got settled at the company level and they were happy to pay people off. I have also worked for organizations that had a heart attack when the most benign concerns […]