Do You Really Want “Attitude” Over “Aptitude”?

How Has “Attitude Over Aptitude” Played Out in Your Organizations? I’ve heard people say they would prefer to hire for attitude over aptitude, because they can teach the person how to do the job-but they can’t teach someone how to have a different attitude. This is a very absolute statement that sounds good on the […]

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

In the world of management, one of the things we often hear is “there’s a difference between training and development.” Understanding and living this in the handling of performance is one of the most difficult things to do. I still struggle with that boundary from time to time. It is hard to know exactly where […]

Peace and Thank You!

Peace and Thank You! Thank you for your support of Performance I Create! It has been a fun year. I hope you have enjoyed what we have shared with you and that we have encouraged you to try something different and grow in your career. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season! ~ Tiffany [youtube video=”nIOPGTlsjtA” […]

Development is a Partnership

Remember that thing called “development”? It seems companies have lost sight of it and employees have become brats about the situation. It is pretty much essential for today’s businesses to be able to quickly identify their top and even average performers. It is even more essential that once these individuals have been identified that a […]

KS SHRM State Conference Recap

KS SHRM State Conference Recap In the middle of the United States, among fields of corn and soybeans, silos and wild native sunflowers, lies a place that was once home to likes of George Washington Carver, Wyatt Earp, Lucinda Todd and Bob Dole. This place? Kansas! In addition to the noted Kansans, this great state […]

How to Engage a Meaningful Mentorship

Today’s post is from guest blogger Heather Kinzie. Heather has been a Human Resources professional for nearly 20 years.  She likes to make things better so she develops/presents training courses and facilitates team/process/strategy improvement events.  Her clients benefit from her expertise and her insight but moreover, they appreciate her pragmatic and often brutally honest thoughts, […]