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Workplace Safety Depends on Relationships

“It is not unsafe work conditions that we should worry about, it is unsafe behavior.” Safety It is often the red-headed stepchild of Human Resource programs, and for those organizations who aren’t knee deep in OSHA, CFRs and Safety Manuals, safety is typically something to be whispered about, like cancer or adultery. (Be honest, you just […]

Amazon and the Perception of an Excellent Workplace Culture

As you know we have been writing about Culture at PIC this month, and as so often happens we get to the end of the month and it is time for my post. Then, I struggle to come up with something new and different, something that hasn’t been said yet, hopefully a piece that is new, different […]

Company Loathes Misery

No one needs to tell you the top three or ten reasons why employees leave. You are an employee, you know why people leave jobs, and odds are you have resigned from a post for one reason or another. It is likely due to something being askew with the company culture; pay, leadership, lack of […]

If the Culture Doesn’t Fit, You Shouldn’t Commit

Everything and everyone told me NOT to accept the offer.  One friend and previous employee of the company called to caution that I wouldn’t fit in there. Another friend called with a message from a recent escapee telling me that I was better off unemployed than working for those, and I quote, “bunch of bitches”.  […]

The Culture Question

Culture is not a thing, it’s action. Culture is not intention, it’s behavior. Culture cannot be delegated, it’s everyone. There’s a lot that goes into an organization’s culture, but the simplest operating definition I’ve come across is “culture is the way things get done around here.” The Culture Question Culture is a byproduct of behavior, […]

4 Steps to Maintaining an Intentional Workplace Culture

A culture exists in your workplace. It doesn’t matter if the leadership designed one or not, or if they spent three days at an off-site meeting to define “The Way We Work”. It doesn’t matter if they communicated what they want the culture to be. A culture exists. There are the LCD Cultures (Least Common […]