No More Wack-a-Mole Management

Ever since they were little, my kids have always loved the wack-a-mole games at the arcade. They get total joy and elation from putting a token in the game, grabbing that hammer and wacking away at the little creatures who pop up randomly from the holes on the board. They could play for hours and […]

Entitlement – It Rears Its Ugly Head From Time to Time

Employee Accountability in workplace

Today’s post is from guest blogger Heather Kinzie. Heather has been a Human Resources professional for nearly 20 years.  She likes to make things better so she develops/presents training courses and facilitates team/process/strategy improvement events.  Her clients benefit from her expertise and her insight but moreover, they appreciate her pragmatic and often brutally honest thoughts, […]

Coaching: Do You Abuse or Encourage?

The Misuse and Abuse of the Word 'Coach' in the Workplace

So we’re talking misused and abused workplace words at PIC this month. The one that annoys me the most? Coach. As in, “I coached him on XYZ-thing and he got better” or “All she needs is some additional coaching.” It’s been used so much that now “coaching” has become synonymous with “telling someone what to […]

How to Get Your Organization Diamond Plate & Team to Sparkle

Building a Winning Team: Lessons from Baseball for Companies

In the world of baseball it is Spring Training season! The free agents have been signed, the rookies have been called up from the triple A teams, the fields are manicured, and the Mascots’ outfits have been dry cleaned. Now it’s time to dust off the cleats and get to separating the all stars from […]

3 Tips to Coax Employee Potential

How to Get the Most From Your Employees

3 Tips to Coax Employee Potential Recently, I found myself talking to a manager about an unexpected opening in his department. He had no one ready to fill the position but couldn’t leave the role completely vacant while we searched. After some discussion, we decided on an interim appointment until the best candidate was identified. […]