How to Delegate Effectively

Unless you’re a department of 1, doing everything yourself is not possible or recommended. When you’re not effectively delegating, you feel overwhelmed, undervalued and stuck. You can only work so many hours in a day. You can only complete so many things within those hours. If you do not delegate work when possible, you increase […]

Managing the Jay Cutler on Your Team

Sunday was another excruciating day as a Chicago Bears fan. After seeing the Bears beat the Atlanta Falcons last week, I sat through a game where Chicago’s quarterback, Jay Cutler threw an interception, had two fumbles and only threw for 190 yards;  Compared to last week against the Falcons when he threw for 381 yards […]

3 Tips to Get the Most from Feedback

3 Tips to Get the Most from Feedback There are a lot of overused, misused, and stale management words used in the workplace, especially buzz words like “granular”, “leading-edge”, “synergy”, etc. Like me, I’m sure you hear them every day, and you have your favorites. There are those that make you cringe every time someone […]

The Fear of Change

As I continue to stretch myself in different ways, I realize that there is no place for fear in my development. There have been times that I have been asked to give an important talk or presentation and as I’m being asked to do this, I am ruminating about everything that can go wrong. Other […]

The Power of Words

The Power of Words I just wanted to share one of my favorite holiday workplace memories. Thank you in advance for watching! [youtube video=”khfHfZa_HeA” width=”700″ height=”420″]  

How to Engage a Meaningful Mentorship

Today’s post is from guest blogger Heather Kinzie. Heather has been a Human Resources professional for nearly 20 years.  She likes to make things better so she develops/presents training courses and facilitates team/process/strategy improvement events.  Her clients benefit from her expertise and her insight but moreover, they appreciate her pragmatic and often brutally honest thoughts, […]