Blue Lights, White Privilege

Let me start this by acknowledging that it represents a single data point. There is just not sufficient information to determine why the officer involved did what he did. I believe that many white Americans can simply not comprehend what is referred to as white privilege, and I hope maybe this will help in at […]

The Trust Equation (A Two-Way Street)

I am pretty much logic-based, so when someone presents a formula or equation for something, I start to look for the proof. An equation, or an equality, is an assertion that the information shown on one side of the equal sign is fully the same as the information on the other side. The Trust Equation […]

Heather Kinzie’s “Leadership and Letting Go”

I used to “journal.” Doesn’t that sound distinguished and all grown up? Just writing it should make me feel a bit better about my maturity and intelligence but alas, there is that darned “used to” in front of it. It was past tense, way back when. Obviously, I don’t do it anymore, but maybe I should. This morning, I […]

You Hired Kanye West?

His resume is a perfect fit. Required Skills? Check. Desired Skills? Check. Stuff you didn’t even know you wanted? Check. By the time you reach the last word on his resume you mentally stamp it with HIRED.  In your mind, the interview is just a formality so you miss all of the warnings and cues […]

The Art of Conflict Maintenance for Work Relationships

Inevitably, people in the workplace are going to disagree about how, who and when the work needs to be done. When that happens, management is expected to step in. For a manager, the ability to successfully address and resolve conflict is a critical skill. The Art of Conflict Maintenance for Work Relationships Far too often, instead […]