Carnival at Work: Engaging Five Generations in the Workplace #fivegenwork

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Hello and welcome to the Carnival of HR. This month’s theme is the Five Generation Workplace or #fivegenwork on Twitter. This month we’re all about talking about generations, how we can work together and just be better human beings. We’ve broken up the carnival of HR into a number of different areas including: 1) Talking about generations, 2) Improving quality of hire 3) Retention drivers.

Talking About Generations

There’s an awful lot of buzz these days about workplace generations, but who are they really and why do they matter? Are all Gen Xers angry latchkey kids and are all Boomers fearful of technology. And are all recent college grads flip flop and hooding wearing slackers?

Special Unicorns by Shauna Moerke

Why We Work by Scott Kinnaird, Blogging4 Jobs

Who Are the Five Generations at Work? by Jessica Miller-Merrell, Blogging4Jobs

Pamper Your Millennials by Kristina Minyard, HRPockets

Retention Drivers

It’s not just about making great hires and have an amazing onboarding and interview process for any of the five workplace generations. Retention happens through training, mentorship, communication and growing trust not just intermittently but throughout the employee’s time at your organization.

5 Ways Leaders Achieve Genuine Employee Engagement by John Schwartz, Visier

The Amplification of Everything by Mark Stelzner, Inflexion Advisors

Want your employees to improve? Treat them like they do on The Voice. by Mike Habberman, OmegaHR Solutions

There’s No Magic Pill to Boost Leadership & Employee Engagement by Shea Heaver, TalentCulture

Accelerating Culture Change Through Leadership Development by China Gorman,

Is the 40 Hour Work Week Dead? by Josh Ploch,

Improving Quality of Hire

We want to hire our best workforce not only to do the job well but also fit well within in the culture and team regardless of generation. Here are a list of some great articles that help work to improve the quality of hire.

Will They Stay or Will They Go by Robin Schooling,

4 Great Questions to Ask Before Using Personality Assessments by Jennifer Miller, People-Equation

Two Tales of Labor Strife with Strikingly Different Tones by Mike Vandervort, Cue Inc.

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  1. Ian Boreham says

    It certainly is an interesting time for organisations, especially large ones. Getting the basics right as you mention above will be a big part of it, but then there will need to be some clear talioring to different age groups. I think it’s early days before any clear success models start to emerge.



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