CardBrowser Inks Monster Deal for Tech Recruiting

Tech Industry Database for Recruiting, has announced a partnership with MonsterConnect

CardBrowser – the #1 Tech Industry Database for Recruiting, has announced a partnership with MonsterConnect.

With everything the internet offers to recruiters – LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Jigsaw, BroadLook, AIRs, HotJobs, Google, you name it – nothing beats a large stack of business cards collected from a specific tech industry tradeshow.

Technology companies hand pick their top sales, marketing, and technical people to exhibit at niche industry trade shows. Sales executives with the biggest rolodexes and most customers, pre-sales engineers and product managers who give the best demos, and engineers and implementation people who are credible and speak knowledgeably about their products and services, man the booths at tech industry trade shows.

CardBrowser Inks Monster Deal for Tech Recruiting


Trade shows are organized by market sector (i.e. cloud, security, data center, ERP, etc.)… or by industry vertical (i.e. retail systems, legal technology, financial applications, educational technology, government technology, etc.)… or they are sponsored by a technology vendor (i.e. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,, etc…). CardBrowser enables recruiters to search for candidates by these criteria – or by title, company name, location and more.

CardBrowser displays the actual business card image plus full text conversion of all contact info – and a note telling you where and when we met the person and collected their card – for every record in our database. With a business card in hand, you have fresh and reliable contact information – 100% accurate title (nothing shortened or exaggerated), email address, direct-dial phone number, mobile number, and remote or home office number, for each person in our database. You also have a credible basis for making the phone call or sending an email – you have their business card from a tradeshow or event they attended.

MonsterConnect for CardBrowser provides live conversations so that recruiters can avoid the barriers of reaching and engaging in meaningful conversation with sales, marketing, and technical candidates.

The CardBrowser and MonsterConnect partnership provides CardBrowser customers with a fully automated candidate generation program that delivers live conversations with CardBrowser contacts.


MonsterConnect provides live conversations so that your sales team can avoid the barriers of B2B sales. MonsterConnect allows your sales team to speak directly to your specified CardBrowser contacts.

MonsterConnect combined with the CardBrowser service is a complete turnkey solution for lead generation, marketing, and channel development programs.

MonsterConnect enables your sales team to connect with their prospects, at an average rate of 12-17 conversations per hour.

About CardBrowser

The #1 Tech Industry Database is on the web at:

CardBrowser attends trade shows and collects business cards. Find channel partners, VARs, ISVs, alliances and OEMs. Find SaaS and Cloud Computing companies. Recruit the top sales, marketing, and technical people. Target c-level executives and decision makers. View an actual business card for every contact. Download to excel with email addresses.

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  1. Donato Diorio says

    Hmmm, actually Jim, Broadlook does beat a bunch of business cards. Senario: You get back from a tradeshow with that stack of cards…what if it is the right company, but the wrong person? Broadlook has a service where we take those cards, which represent a single point of entry into a company (for recruiting or sales). We then turn that single point of entry to anywhere from 5 for 50 additional contacts with the average being 11. The core concept here that LinkedIn, Job Boards, CardBrowser, etc are databases. How they are all filled is different, but they are databases. Broadlook make research tools. Big difference. If cards were enough, companies wouldn’t be using Broadlook’s “After Show” services to enhance their contact list. Broadlook will be at LeadsCon next week showing that exact service. In addition, we mash up the people found with social network data and bios. You can’t get that on a business card. Summary: You may get a great single-point-of-entry list from a business card database. If you want to take it to the next level, that is where Broadlook comes in. Congrats to CardBrowser and Monster.


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