Cangrade is Full-Cycle Talent Management System Structured Around Pre-Hire Assessments

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Cangrade is Full-Cycle Talent Management System Structured Around Pre-Hire Assessments

HR leaders are always looking for ways to improve the hiring process, to identify the best possible candidates quickly and easily, and to be able to forecast a candidate’s success accurately to understand their potential with our company. It’s a little like trying to predict the future, but we try to make it work with a combination of data and our own experience in hiring and recruiting. Wouldn’t it be great to have a platform that is science-based to give us more accurate predictions? 

That’s where Cangrade comes in. Cangrade’s data-driven approach to hiring predicts applicant success up to 10 times more accurately than any other method. Their Pre-Hire Assessments use the power of artificial intelligence to give you and your team instant and unbiased predictions of your next top hires. The customized assessments are role and industry agnostic so they can support any organization. Once the pre-hire assessments are completed, Cangrade’s AI technology generates targeted structured interview guides and video interviews based on candidates’ assessment results. 

To support an engaged workforce post-hire, Cangrades’s Retention Forecast identifies the candidates who are not only highly qualified, but are most likely to stay with your company. Its success models identify what motivates your team and provides development opportunities beyond onboarding with its workforce development tools.

From hiring to onboarding to employee success, Cangrade has the tools and technology to help you find better candidates, interview them, engage them, motivate them, and give them development opportunities post-hire. I had the opportunity to sit down with the experts from Cangrade for a demo of its tools and technology, and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. The talent marketplace is so unpredictable right now, and being able to quickly make an offer to candidates before your competitors do is essential to filling your open positions. 

While many companies are lowering the bar for applicants, with Cangrade, you won’t have to. Cangrade’s solutions can help you hire efficiently without cutting corners. With AI technology, Cangrade narrows your pool of applicants quickly and more accurately than any traditional hiring method — and it eliminates conscious or unconscious bias from the hiring process entirely. 

Cangrade is Full-Cycle Talent Management 

Unlike traditional assessment tools, Cangrade brings all elements of the hiring process through talent management together in one platform. From the pre-hire assessment to workforce engagement to year over year validation and optimization, all based on data. When a company comes onboard with Cangrade, the process begins by collecting data from your current employees, benchmarks them with the Cangrade assessment (which takes about 14 minutes), identifies traits and soft skills, and from there creates the success model.

In addition to the pre-hire assessment, Cangrade offers video interviewing guides that offer asynchronous video interviewing. For example, they offer question prompts for your prospect to answer via video so that they can respond in their own time and the hiring team can then look at it individually or as a group. It also offers ongoing workforce development, which is additional training and lessons to keep employees engaged and upskilled, and workforce engagement which includes its ongoing retention tools.

This is especially great for roles that have a lot of data associated with them, for example: call center staff with specific goals (number of calls answered, NPS scores). This allows you to set the requirements for the role using benchmarks based on data, and set the standards for success in any role you’re hiring for based on the most successful employees you currently have.

So, this is great for recruiting teams, but it also directly impacts candidate experience (which we know is crucial right now). Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments can be completed in 14 minutes, they can be accessed through any browser (mobile or desktop), and provides instant feedback to candidates. Once they complete the assessment, they receive a quick analysis of their results, strengths and competencies whether they are moved into the interview process or not. Candidates are more likely to want to work for a company that they know will be invested in their success.

From the employer side, the pre-hire assessments start with an initial applicant pool. Cangrade is integrated into nearly all ATS systems, so when candidates apply for a role they can be immediately sent the assessment. The assessments are given a red, yellow or green score based on your success models, allowing you and your team to focus on candidate groups that should be prioritized first in your hiring funnel. I love this feature; the dashboard is intuitive and it’s easy to navigate to candidate profiles, see their assessment results, and get prompts for what to ask the candidate in an interview. 

The interview guides are a game changer for recruiting teams, as the technology feeds you questions based on the pre-hire assessments as well as success benchmarks for the specific role for which they are applying. This includes hard and soft skills, and the questions change based on how each candidate responded to the pre-hire assessment. The simple, color-coded talent pipeline interface helps you and your team identify which candidates are more likely to be successful in the role and focus on nurturing those candidates first.  

How Cangrade Removes Bias From the Hiring Process

One of the most interesting things about Cangrade is that its AI technology serves to remove bias from your hiring process. As part of the extensive testing process for its pre-hire assessment, Cangrade vetted each individual question and trait to verify that no demographic group protected by the EEOC scored disproportionately higher or lower than the general population. Any questions or traits that showed adverse impact were edited or eliminated to ensure that this was no longer the case. 

Because diversity, equity, and inclusion is front and center for so many HR and talent acquisition teams, Cangrade’s ethical AI algorithms vet every prospective success model for adverse impact. Any success model found to contain potential bias is eliminated from consideration.

Cangrade’s Workforce Engagement and Development

Because Cangrade’s success models can identify the motivations of your teams, it gives your team leaders and managers the tools they need to support employee development. When companies are invested in the long-term career success of their employees, their employees are more likely to be engaged and remain with your organization. With Cangrade’s Workforce Development portal, managers can assign specific training to help team members build skills for not only their current roles, but for potential future promotions or lateral moves within the company. 

This lets HR leaders tie workforce development directly to high-level company goals, from forecasting growth to future hiring needs to closing skills gaps. Cangrade helps you create a leadership pipeline based on data rather than seniority, ensuring that you make the right decisions for career pathing within your organization.

To learn more about Cangrade, request a demo today.

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