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Company Culture Practises Borrowed From MindValley

I frequently get asked what my favorite company is since I stalk companies like some people stalk their ex’s.  My favorite company is a company located in Kuala Lampur called Mindvalley.  If you’ve never heard of Mindvalley, they are one of few companies in the world that outspokenly use the Law of Attraction in their business model.  They don’t believe in a one-sided employee-company contribution.  Instead, they seek to learn about every person who works at the company’s spiritual goals to help understand how the company can help them become their highest self.  If you are looking for some company culture steals, here are some practices from Mindvalley that you can borrow to make your company a place where J-O-B is a 4-letter word.

  • Vision Boards – Mindvalley has every new person create a vision board when they first come on board.  What better way to really get to know someone than to have them create a vision of their biggest, scariest goals?  The vision boards hang on the walls so everyone from the Junior Affiliate Liaison to the CEO can know what this person stands for and wants to achieve.
  • Learning Day –  Mindvalley uses the 1st Friday of the month as a Learning Day.  Someone from their team presents on a topic they are passionate about.   This helps the team grow, that person grow, plus who doesn’t feel inspired after walking out of a great discussion given by someone who is passionate?  Mindvalley understands that in order for the company to grow, they must grow their people.
  • Unlimited funds on Amazon for personal growth – Yup, that’s right.  Mindvalley believes their no limit to anyone’s potential, even their people.  They offer them unlimited funds on Amazon to purchase books that help their people grow themselves personally and professionally.
  • SPLASH – Mindvalley has a secret society, Society for Platonic Love, Appreciation, Smiles and Happiness (SPLASH) whose sole purpose it is to make a SPLASH on their culture while keeping their identities a secret. No matter how big or little of a SPLASH they make, this group is what is helping Mindvalley reach their goal of becoming the best company to work for by 2020.
  • Meditation – Most companies shy away from words like meditation, intuition, or self-actualization.  Not Mindavelly, they’ve made it a business.  When it comes to business, the lines blur and they hire people that share these same beliefs.  They don’t want people that set realistic goals.  They want people who set crazy high goals.  What does it take to be a member of this tribe?  Watch this and change your life.
  • Awesomeness – If blurring work and play sounds like an oath you could commit to, check out all things Awesome at Mindvalley.  There’s an Awesomeness Fest held in a tropical location, an Awesomeness Report, and even an Oath of Awesomeness for new team members.  Pure awesomeness.

Mindvalley is, “Ambitiously, ridiculously, and irreverently determined to unleash the full potential of humanity and move the planet forward.”  If this sounds like something your company is, check out all things awesome at Mindavelly and add these to your corporate culture asap.  Know of any companies out there doing crazy things like Mindvalley?  Holla!!

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