Calling All Talent Leaders: What’s Your 2021 #Recruiting Prediction?

I think we can all agree that 2020 was not at all the year we envisioned in 2019. I’m knee deep in my 2021 planning so I’m feeling reflective. I’m thinking a lot about what will happen in 2021 and trying to plan different scenarios for myself, my clients and my business. I want to hear your 2021 predictions for recruitment. What do you see as most significant, interesting, or a trend that we are moving towards? Maybe you have three or two or seven that you feel very strongly about. Include that list in a 2-3 sentence quote, and we’ll feature those predictions in the upcoming weeks here on Workology and a handful of the other places I also publish my articles. I want to hear from you.


So What’s Your 2021 Recruiting Prediction


I want to know what you see as important, changing, trending or happening in 2021 for employment, recruitment and/or talent acquisition. This year has been nothing short of disruptive and it has forced us as individuals and businesses to move, flex, and grow in different ways. This year for our recruiting trends, I’m looking for insights and predictions that are industry specific so I’ll be asking you to tell me what industry you work in and support. All you need to do is complete the form below and include some basic contact information so I can include it in our 2021 Recruiting Trends Prediction Post(s).

I’m looking forward to sharing your predictions, trends, and insights. Here’s to year that doesn’t throw five thousand curve balls at us before April 1st. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Share Your Human Resources Prediction

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    Recruiting teams will be called on to develop new skills, master new metrics, and adopt new tools. You’ll take on a more visible, strategic role within the business. And you’ll seriously rethink the way you see your own job.


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