Bust or Boost Your Career with this Holiday Survival Toolkit

Holiday Career Boosters

December brings the season of festive celebrations and opportunity to boost or bust your career (and likely a whole lotta post-holiday party paper work for HR managers for the soiree gone wrong).  For the budding professional or student seeking to jump start their career or hard worker looking to stand out in a crowd, this season is prime-positioning season to help you get ahead.  Christmas celebrations, holiday fetes and New Year’s gatherings give you – the ordinary, everyday worker – a unique opportunity to rub elbows with power players in your company or community.  The right moves could boost 2013 to be the year of YOU.  The wrong moves however, could be a total bust – not just for the next year – but for the rest of your career.

Navigate the holidays with charisma thanks to this Holiday Survival Toolkit.  All the best blogs are for the holidays – including some great info for HR professionals – have been compiled for your easy reference.

Career Boosters:

  • 9 Holiday Gifts to Score Points with Your Boss or HR Lady:  Today I’m spending the day preparing for my Internet shopping extravaganza.  Maybe you are too.  I detest actually shopping in the stores.  There are people, congestion, and just drama.  I prefer to surf and shop in the comforts of my own home cuddled up on the couch in yoga pants with a glass of wine.  Apparently, I’m not alone as an estimated $9.15 billion worth of shopping will be done online according to eMarketer this holiday shopping season.  Many employees are faced with the dilemma of what to get their boss or their HR Manager for Christmas.  What do they really want?  Can I give my boss a gift for the holidays that scores me points?  Keeps me employed?  Guarantees a raise?  More importantly, can a nice holiday gift keep me from getting fired after the crap I pulled at the holiday party?… read more.
  • 5 Holiday Networking Tips for College Students & Young Careerists:  Did you just finish those final exams?  Now is the best time for college students to be super focused on that perfect summer internship… read more.
  • How to NOT Get Fired After Any Holiday Party:  The holiday season is upon us and the magic is in the air.  Employees are eager with anticipation for a chance to let loose at the upcoming holiday party for your workplace while managers including HR are anxiety ridden. While employees plot spiking the eggnog, managers are drowning their sorrows in liquid antacid to mitigate the impending ulcer the company holiday party brings.  Managers, especially those within your human resources department, walk on eggshells anticipating the next employee investigation, sexual harassment claim, or termination that comes with the annual office soiree… read more.
  • Five Ways to Boost Employee Performance During the Holidays:  Employers have reported workplace productivity actually dips 62 percent during the holidays. It’s no secret that performance at work starts to decrease during the holiday season. Regardless of your holiday traditions there are multitudes of things that are distracting us during this time of year. Whether it be worrying about affording all the gifts that you purchase, your in-laws visiting for a the week, or simply the overall spirit of the season…  read more.
  • Four Tips for a Merrier Holiday Office Party:  The winter season, and all its attendant holidays, can make you really take stock of what you have. This is why many companies throw holiday parties for employees. It’s a great way to say “thanks” for a job well done this past year.  But holiday parties can come with their own set of minefields to navigate. … read more.

Career Busters

  • Horror Stories from the Workplace Christmas & Holiday Parties:  There is no shortage of blog posts and news stories about what companies should do about company holiday party tips, stories, and suggestions. In fact, Josh Tolan wrote about it this week. There are some stories about employees feeling that parties are inappropriate in “tough times.” I think part of that depends on whether a company is experiencing tough times. Not all companies are. Some companies have actually been doing well. I know of a few that have even given out bonuses. So a party would not be inappropriate for such a company. So each company needs to measure its own circumstances. But there are some things that you can do to avoid Holiday Party Horror… read more.
  • Why Your Employees Hate the Christmas Holiday:  Merry Bleepin’ Christmas?  It’s December.  The end of the year. The most festive time of the year.  The holiday season.  The time of the year when – inevitably – I wound up uttering a phrase that brings out gasps among my co-workers… read more.

What Every HR Pro Should Know…

  • 13 Great Holiday Incentives that are BETTER than Cash: In today’s business world, we’re often asked to do more with less. And with the holidays poking around the corner, it’s easy to cut employee gifts and rewards out of the budget. But wait — there’s still room for employee gifts in your budget for the holidays if you’re willing to get creative. There’s even a benefit to non-cash employee incentives. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, non-cash employee incentives motivate your employees and increase performance better than cash.… read more.
  • Three Myths About Holiday Pay and the FLSA:  With the November and December holidays approaching it is time to get some facts straight. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings that have developed about how and what people must be paid.… read more.

How are you planning to make the holiday season a success.  Share us your insights below

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