Build Your College to Career Confidence

Build Your College to Career Confidence

The first step in securing job offers from future employers is your own personal confidence.  How can an employer be confident in you if don’t feel the same?  Let’s face it: you own this.  Your future is squarely in your hands.  You will want future employers to believe in you and your capabilities. Consider these four pointers:


Daniel Seddiqui, author of 50 Jobs in 50 States says: “You choose your own destiny. Don’t limit yourself. I have seen people that limit themselves by geography or by what they studied. People limit themselves on the people that surround them and their fear of failure. Believe in yourself and try new things. Every new job or skill or contact you acquire builds your confidence.”


College sophomore and freelance filmmaker Bunee Tomlinson advises: “Age doesn’t matter. The younger you are the better. Get involved with your passion and people will help you. Believe in yourself first and then others will too.”


Neil Rader, Chief Operating Officer of NYU Stern School of Business and mentor advises: “Oftentimes I feel that students can be timid. They read a job description which requires ABCD and only have A, B and C as qualifications. That should not stop them in their tracks. Think of the details in the job description as an employer wish list. The student or new graduate shouldn’t self select themselves out of the opportunity. Instead, they should go forward confidently by demonstrating how wonderful their specific contributions will be.”


Daniel Seddiqui has been called the “most rejected person in the world”. Yet he managed to land jobs all across the USA and write the book 50 Jobs in 50 States. He is now a sought after motivational speaker.  Says Daniel: ”Don’t take rejection personally. It is one step closer to acceptance.”

Recent grad and Community Manager Blake McCammon adds: “If you have a dream, just go for it. The worst you can hear on your journey is no. Then you just try another avenue. Don’t give up.”

Your confidence will affect your enthusiasm and ability to make a personal connection with employers. What other advice can you add?

Sandra Long

Sandra Long is the author of the bestselling book LinkedIn For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide. She is also the managing partner of Post Road Consulting LLC. Sandra and her team work with corporations, universities, and individuals to drive successful sales, career, and talent acquisition results.


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