Build Them Up: Onboarding in the Era of Modern Work Webinar

Have you been struggling to hire talent? Once you’ve got them in and they’ve accepted the offer, how do you ensure they stick around and get the training and support they need in order to be successful? You want to be able to get your new hire ready to go and onboard with your company, whether you are working virtually, in person only or a hybrid model.

“69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding (source).”

Build Them Up: Onboarding in the Era of Modern Work Webinar

Onboarding is essential to getting your people acclimated to the company culture and helping them understand exactly what they need to do in order to be successful with your organization. I would like to invite you to our webinar with Rocket Central and Sift on April 7th at 12pm CST.

This session is all about onboarding and what the future looks like for you. This talent market is tough which means retention is even more important than it was before and when employees are new within the first three months, they are the most vulnerable with your company. They might have recently interviewed somewhere, and then those recruiters are knocking on their door. So this part, this onboarding piece, this acclimation time period is really critical, which is why this webinar with Sift and Rocket Central is so important.

“the number of employees working in a remote capacity has grown by 44% in the last five years” (source).

As more and more organizations shift to a fully remote or hybrid work model, it can be difficult for new employees to feel connected to the organization and their team members. The results from an August 2020 survey from Software Advice indicated that 49% of HR leaders plan to hire more fully remote workers when the pandemic is over (source). How can you ensure that your employees stay engaged and excited in their new roles in this modern era of work? Hear from Danielle Golas, Director of Onboarding Operations with Rocket Central, about how they successfully onboarded nearly half of their employees remotely in the last two years.

Speaker Highlight

Danielle Golas, Director, Onboarding Operations @ Rocket Central. As human resources leader with more than a decade of experience at Rocket Companies, Danielle helps support the onboarding processes to create a seamless and connected employee experience.




Make sure all your recruiting and conversations and candidate interviews don’t go to waste. Onboarding is essential right now in order to get your new people sticking around with you and up to speed and working at your company.

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