Bringing Halloween to the Office

Bringing Halloween Fun to the Office

Is your office really dull around Halloween? Does it seem that no one wants to do anything fun? Do your co-workers turn down every fun idea you have? Well, don’t despair. You can bring all of the fun of Halloween to work with you & have some fun with your co-workers.

Bringing Halloween Fun to the Office

First of all, if you don’t already have some sort of “party planning committee” at your office, create one! Try to get everyone involved to submit ideas for bringing fun back to the office during the holidays. You know that there are other Halloween enthusiasts like you that would love to participate & plan a great party at your office, but don’t want to be the first to admit it. (you know that ole office politics thing)

Start by getting your committee together of a few co-workers and meet a few times to gather ideas. Once you have created your game plan, you can share it with the rest of the office. Start by picking your date for the office party and set a time. (make sure that management approves of your idea as well, or it will be difficult to pull this off) You can create some eerie flyers to hang around the office or you can send out a great email to announce the party. Then, announce the great contests that your committee will be holding. Some great ideas are as follows:

Costume Contest – This contest always gets everyone involved!

Pumpkin Carving Contest – Ask everyone to join in by carving a pumpkin. To make this contest fair, make sure they bring in their pumpkin in a brown paper bag so that no one else sees who carved what pumpkin. Then, when it comes to the judging time, each pumpkin is then taken out of the bags.

Cubicle/Office Decorating Contest – This contest will bring out the devil in everyone! This is where you will find all of the hidden talents that your co-workers possess or start a decorating war! You can make this contest open to any kind of Halloween decorations, or you can choose a theme that everyone must use for the contest.

Candy Corn Counting Contest – Fill a large jar with candy corn and have everyone guess at how many pieces are in the jar. (make sure you count the pieces before you fill the jar) Then, after the contest, you can leave the jar in the break room for everyone to eat.

To top off your party, you can ask everyone to contribute a food dish to the party to get a large assortment of treats & dips to share. (if you bring in a raving dish, make sure you also bring the recipe too!) During your luncheon would be a great time for everyone to vote on who wins all of the contests. Bringing a little Halloween with you to work is a great way to celebrate the witching hour and have a lot of fun with your co-workers.

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