How Uber Saved My Life at #SXSW

Last year I faced a particular dilemma being a slightly intoxicated woman in heels a good twenty-five minute walk from the house I was staying at during SXSW. Add in the fact that it was rainy, and I was in no condition to walk as well as being dangerous for a women in any city even a safe southern city like Austin by myself. I calmly pulled out my phone and was thankful I had my juice pack to keep my phone charged for emergencies. I quickly called for a car using Uber to pick me up. The car to my surprise was a Rolls Royce to take my home. Yes, you read correctly a Rolls Royce, and it was freaking amazing. I’m pretty certain that Uber saved my life and at minimum kept this slightly intoxicated lady in heels from making a very uncomfortable 25 minute walk of shame.


Sadly, the intoxicated me didn’t snap any pictures other than what you see above, but I’m still thankful for the service that got me home quickly and safely. I did, however, make my driver stop off for an emergency visit to the In & Out Burger as I was having a particular burger craving.  Imagine a Rolls Royce rolling through the drive through at midnight. Sadly, I haven’t been in a Rolls Royce since, but my love affair with the driver service Uber began much before that. It’s been my go to when I travel to cities like New York, Denver and even my former hometown, Oklahoma City. Now living in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s the only cab service I use to shuttle me around the streets of San Francisco when I don’t have the time to walk to my next important coffee or lunch meeting.

Blogging4Jobs Partners with Uber

That’s exactly what I’m excited to announce that Blogging4Jobs is partnering with Uber and is offering our readers a pretty sweet opportunity. Just download the app either for your iOS (Apple & iPhone) or Android (Google Play), and enter in the code “B4JUber” to try out my favorite driver service and get a free ride credit of $20 on me. Yes, that’s right. You read correctly. Download the app, enter in the code “B4JUber” and your first $20 ride is free courtesy of me. Pretty awesome,  huh? This partnership is part of an affiliate program I’m offering exclusively for my blog readers.

Outside of SXSW, Uber has been amazing at conferences especially last year at the Chicago SHRM Conference. The cab line at the McCormick hotel was 45 minutes long, and I had dinner plans that couldn’t wait. My Uber car arrived in under 10 minutes, and as I walked to my car, I dealt with an angry mob of cab waiters in line who yelled at me while I entered by Uber taxi. Hotel staff even tried to step in to stop me. I made my dinner plans on time. Again, Uber saved the day. I’m so in love with Uber, really.

Love Uber? Feel free to share your best Uber stories below.

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