Blogging4Jobs Listed as a Top 100 Social Media Site by PR Giant, Cision

Blogging4Jobs Recognized as a Leading Social Media Resource by Cision

I’m so excited that I’m over the moon. Cision, one of the leading public relations distribution tools and resources has listed Blogging4Jobs as a Top 100 Social Media Resource in their 2013 list. You can view the list in it’s entirety by clicking here. I’m over the moon that our site here with 24 different writers is being recognized as a social media resource not only for human resource professionals but marketers, PR pros and internet marketers. Since 2009, Cision recognizes 100 of their most traffic and popular websites, resources and blogs on their platform, and we are honored that we’ve made their list as lucky number 55.

Blogging4Jobs Listed as Top Social Media Resource & Blog

I wanted to give a shout out to some of my favorite websites and resources also included in that list which might be new to our readers here on Blogging4Jobs. Check out these great resources while we celebrate with a glass of champagne tonight toasting our readers, writers and fans of Blogging4Jobs.

  • Mack CollierAside from managing the very popular Twitter chat, #blogchat on Sunday nights, this site provides transparent resources and insights into the world of blogging. Mack is a great guy as well having met him in person a time or two at SXSW.
  • ShoeMoneyHaving stumbled unto this site relatively as of recent, it is a great resource for understanding affiliate marketing which is a relatively new concept for business blogs and non marketer blogs. There are great resources listed to help you monetize your blog. And yes, it can be done. 
  • Peter ShankmanI read and follow Peter for a number of reasons, because he is unique, honest and just has amazing energy. I also follow him because he has successful taken a blog or platform that led to a position with a fast growing PR technology company. His career path is something I look at myself in my future in the HR and Recruiting industry.
  • The Sales LionThe name of the game is engagement and community. I first came across this blog a couple years ago after I found a very critical post in response to the popular blogging conference, Blog World. Look for great insights, lots of engagement and comments from a faithful group of readers.
  • Brian SolisBrian provides great insights on his blog looking at emerging social media and technology trends. His insight on multi screen engagement as part of marketing are thoughts I look to as I see this same consumer marketing trends seep in the workplace world and HR.

I encourage you to check out the blog and resources I’ve listed as that I follow for my own learning and inspiration as well as the remaining ones on the Cision list. Thank you again for reading, supporting and being part of this journey because without you there would be no Blogging4Jobs.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. Ray_anne says

    What a team! Congrats Jessica, Blake and the rest of the Blogging4Jobs team! I am so proud to be part of this effort – Coming up on 2 years for me as a contributor at Blogging4Jobs. Hard to believe…




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