Blogging–It’s More Than a Brand

Benefits of Blogging

I have often said that being a blogger has been the best and most important career decision I have made, and it’s true.  I enjoy writing and being a thought leader in my industry.  Bloggers who are serious about putting out quality and interesting content often before major publications and newspapers do, work very hard to write and produce good information.  It requires a lot of research, preparation, and creativity.  For me, blogging it not about making money.  It’s about building relationships and growing your personal and professional brand.  Because I have worked hard to build my name and brand, blogging affords me a lot of benefits.

Blogging– It’s More Than a Brand

  • Networking. Blogging is a great way to meet with authors and speakers with whom you admire.  You are able to connect with them and establish a relationship while interviewing them for a blog or website.  I have been able to make and build relationships with some very influential people in my professional career as a result of blogging.  Their insight and mentoring has changed my career path.
  • Media Access. As a blogger who has worked hard to build my brand, I have the ability to attend conferences and special events as media where I can blog, network, and interview presenters, attendees, and vendors.  Of course, I have to put out articles and content as a result from attending the conference.  It’s nice to be seen at events as a relevant and viable form of media.
  • Client Testimonials and Work Examples. A good blog post with comments and conversation aims to make a potential client or customer’s decision to hire you much easier.  I am able to lead a prospective client to my site allowing them to view my work, my thought process, and insight into me and what I value.  It’s a living resume or profile that goes beyond the usual work experience into your passions and revelations.
  • Special Blogger Access. I was able to plug in at SXSW and charge my labtop, iphone, and other electronics in a lounge specifically for bloggers at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference.  The folks there treated the bloggers very well with live music, beer, breakfast, and some free goodies.  I met and connected with some amazing folks while I was there while getting some work done at the same time.
  • Cool Stuff. There are times as a blogger that I have access to new technologies, products, and articles and publications.  People want to know your opinion and will send you iphone apps, pokens, and other gadets to review or write about if you so choose.  Before writing that review, consider how reviewing the newest gadget or book you received will impact your overall brand and image in the marketplace.  And don’t forget to research and understand the FTC’s view on receiving and reviewing product as a blogger.

With blogging growing in popularity each day, your personal brand and your blog’s message is even more important.  Building your following and relationships takes time, but the payoff can be more than what you expected.

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Learn more about Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource, and the host of the Workology Podcast. More of her blogs can be found here.

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  1. jen says

    Really great article, Jessica. I talk about this a lot with clients. I know of no better way for someone to build a brand quickly. I’ve talked about this a great deal with a friend who has a personal blog. Last week, he got a $2,000 national writing gig. They found him via his blog, despite his modest following.

    • blogging4jobs says

      @jen Fantastic! We need to hear more stories like this. I’ve had several clients and speaking engagements who have told me that their decision was made after reading my blog. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, its about showcasing your content, personality, and talent.



  2. Jason Houck says

    Glad you decided to share this. I keep asking myself why am I not going or getting anywhere with my blog? Several people had told me its takes time and building such as you have talked about.

    • blogging4jobs says

      @Jason, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Sometimes we need a stranger (me) to help confirm suggestions and recommendations from peers and friends. Best of luck!



  3. Shennee says

    Jessica- Great post. When I began blogging, I was unaware of how much I would enjoy it,the people I have met,and the connections I have made. I would never probably have pursued it if there were not people encouraging me to do so. I am so very happy I did. I’m excited about the future,and opportunities it will bring. I feel blessed to have your friendship as well. Looking forward,


    • blogging4jobs says


      Thanks so much! I am excited to continue to watch you on your blogging journey. You never know where it will take you!



  4. Jamie Favreau says

    I have met some fantastic people through their blogs. I have a blog but I need to maintain it better. I think blogger relations is a great way to meet people and to learn more.

  5. Gary Franklin says

    Hello Jessica – great post, thank you. I am new to blogging and still to get my head around the science of it. I am slowly building my following but have no allusions that it will take time. Your post is encouraging not because i want to make a living from it but because it just points out some simple improvements and options open to all.

    • blogging4jobs says

      @gary, I’m so glad! It’s very important to do your research before you jump into the world of blogging. Hopefully, you have. With time and a lot of work your following will come. I remember the day when my blog views topped 25 people. I was so excited! While readership is important, was it even more important is the impression your visitors leave with and say about you. It only takes one visitor to land a new consulting contract, new position, or a new opportunity.

      Best of luck to you!


  6. Mazarine says

    Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for writing about this. I’ve been blogging since 1999, but only blogging about my chosen profession, (fundraising) since 2009. My blog is Wild Woman Fundraising,, and I originally started it to get more of a following for my book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. The blog’s really taken off, and it’s gratifying to see my stats go up every month. This month I’ll have 100,000 hits, and more people are signing up for my newsletter all of the time. Now I am writing for the fun of it, not just to gain a brand for readership.

    It has made me start another blog about encaustic art,, and I’m thinking of starting another one too.


  7. sayewhat says

    I love blogging!!! There is so much to share with the world and yes, it definitely is a great way to connect with others as well as earn money from home.


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