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Big 3 of the Mobile Apply Space

Do you feel like 2014 is the year to catch up in the mobile recruiting race? For my organization, mobile optimizing our career site was a 2013 initiative. We were able to take our static-site mobile by using responsive web design, but seamlessly extending the candidate experience to the ATS has proven to be a bit more complicated.

The concept of mobile apply seems very straightforward. I get it. But the technical integration is where I think it gets a little tricky.

There are applicant tracking system requirements, legacy data requirements, potential firewall issues, HR and IT maybe not being on the same page, and then there could be resourcing and/or budget constraints, too, to deal with. As we continue to research the viability of mobile apply, I reached out to the three big players in the space to shed some light on the subject.

3 Companies Doing it Right


“Mobile Apply has become a catalyst for brands to rethink their entire apply flow and candidate experience.  Mobile interactions are faster, easier and more connected to social and cloud platforms, which result in conversion rates up to 2X desktop and better ROI on recruitment marketing spend.

In the next few years, we believe companies will switch to a mobile-first approach to talent engagement – it’s easier to scale up to a larger screen than to try to shrink a desktop experience onto a mobile device.” – Jeff Vogel 


“There has been so much buzz and discussion about mobile recruiting over the past few years, I’d be surprised if there were any practitioners out there who weren’t at least thinking about it. The trouble is, mobile recruiting is a very broad term and can mean so many different things. In our experience, a true mobile recruiting solution optimizes the entire process for the mobile user.

If you think your participation in the mobile revolution is done once you’ve mobile-optimized your career site, think again. It’s important to consider the entire candidate experience on mobile, which of course includes the apply process. Today’s job seeker expects to be able to do just about everything from their phones, including applying for jobs. If they’re forced to abandon their device at any point in the process, they’re likely going to abandon the entire application and move on to the next opportunity, and you may have just missed the best candidate for that position your desperately trying to fill.” – Jed Hamilton


“Apply optimization is the hot topic in 2014. Up to now, recruiters had a choice between replicating a difficult apply experience in a mobile environment or accepting the fact that a quick ‘social’ apply was the best they could hope for. Not so anymore.

With MoBolt technology you can optimize your existing ATS desktop workflows for the mobile job seeker, removing or minimizing common roadblocks such as seeker account creation and resume attachment, keep up with changes in seeker behavior trends with mobile specific functionality, and still ensure that all relevant candidate information is captured and you receive a ‘qualified’ apply.” – L. Ashlie Collins

Cool Tool from iMomentous

Ready to geek out? The is an online tool that you should definitely check out … just as soon as you’re finished reading this article.

In a matter of a few short minutes, the index will review your career site and offer an assessment. This near real-time feedback offers high-level information that will help HR and IT get on track. Did I mention that it’s free?

Next Steps for Mobile Apply

If you are at the beginning stages of mobile-optimizing your career site, I would strongly encourage you and your team to talk through the entire mobile experience. How can you take job seekers from your site through the entire apply process? Does this make the most sense for your company?

If your site is mobile friendly, but you’re still working through the apply process, I can relate. And, I’d encourage you to set up a exploratory call and demo with each of the big three.

I want to thank these HR tech providers for offering their insights, and be sure to check back everyday this week as our team of writers has more in store for you. The information that we’ll be sharing will help you navigate the mobile waters, and take your company from mobile-what to mobile-whoa! Join the conversation on Twitter, too, by following @blogging4jobs.

Mobile Recruiting week is sponsored by our friends, RXInsider and their new mobile app tool, CEAppCEnter. Learn more about mobile recruiting by register for our webinar on 5/22 at 11 AM EST. Click here. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter hashtag, #mobilerecruit

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