How to Attract and Retain Your Talent and Employees

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How to Attract and Retain Your Talent and Employees

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Every employee (new as well as old) dreams of the days when long term employment meant more than a 5 year endeavor.  They long to tell others that their current employer is handing out raises instead of pink slips.  Millions of employees would like to walk in on Monday mornings with a fearless heart of knowing they have a secure position within the organization.  The changes that have taken place over the past several years with businesses closing, corporate employment changes, downsizing, global business relations, and many other shifting parts have reached a tipping point that now has the employee back in the driver’s seat.  For the first time in over seven years, loyalty is out the window and employees are able to ask for their WANTS rather than their NEEDS.  The cards are on the table and unless you are able to meet these wants that have been shelved for so long, adios amigos!

How do you as an HR Practitioner ensure a stable workforce this year?  You must adjust your organizational lens to maximum aperture in order to see everything crystal clear.

Best Practices from The Talent Whisperer

Many moons ago, my husband and I developed a passion for astronomy.  We spent several years buying and selling telescopes on eBay.  We had the privilege to test out an Advanced VX 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain, Meade ETX90, Celestron Nexstar 8, and many others that aren’t worth mentioning.  One of our favorites was the Meade ETX90 that granted us an amazing evening capturing a total penumbral lunar eclipse that was published in the Sky & Telescope magazine.  It was an honor to add this to our “experience list” and be documented in history as participants.  The years spent engaged in astronomical viewing afforded specific skill-sets that provided me with a solid understanding of the art and science of Talent Acquisition.  It is the reason why a slip of paper inside my purse reads, “The Talent Whisperer.” I want to share how these astrological best practices can be applied in hiring, retention and recruiting.

3 Methods to Attract and Retain New Employees 

You might be asking yourself: What does astronomical viewing have anything to do with attracting and retaining talent?  In order to have a successful viewing night, you must do the following 3 things: #1 Plan ahead before you go out to view the night skies, #2 Understand Polar Alignment, and #3 Learning how to handle telescopes with care.  When working with human capital, the best way to be successful in hiring and retaining new as well as experienced employees, you must do the following 3 things:

#1 Hiring Strategy Plan – Attracting the Right Talent to Your Organization and Retaining the Talent

We spent an entire week planning for the penumbral lunar eclipse.  Several hours discussing the research found on historical eclipses, along with the best viewing locations in our region of the world.  We drove to several spots at night to observe the noise and light pollution.  We even setup the telescope doing test runs with the digital camera a couple nights before the event.  This strategy afforded us the best photos that allowed other astronomers across the nation to view the event in a national magazine.

In order to be successful with your hiring strategy this year, the talent team needs to spend several hours discussing the best methods and tools to use in order to attract and retain the right talent.  They need to conduct meetings with the CEO, HR department, and marketing department in order to plan a strategy that will make them successful with their new hires this year.  The better job the talent team does with sourcing in the right talent, the better job the hr team can be with engaging and retaining talent.

#2 Talent Team Alignment – Completely Understand the Rhythms of each Department in Order To Attract the Right Talent

The stars and planets operate very similar to a clock that has gears and specific rhythmic routines.  Alignments will occur every hour, 3:05 and five seconds and 9:40 and 40 seconds.   The sky operates in the same rhythmic routines and if we were able to see with the naked eye, we would see these alignments occurring each month as the Moon and planets traverse the ecliptic plane.

The same strategy can be used within your talent teams to attract the right candidates.  They must really spend time within each department understanding the daily interactions and working methodologies, along with personality types that work best within each department.  They must build scorecards for sourcing in the right candidates during the screening stage.  They must do intake meetings to determine the managers top criteria’s for the open position.  They must spend the time speaking with employees within each team to find out where they hang out socially offline and online to source potential candidates from their networks.

The more the talent team understands each department’s rhythmic routines, the better job they will do attracting the right talent that will be with the company for more than a couple years.

#3 Handle With Care – Candidates and Employees

Telescopes require delicate hands in order not to break the fragile internal mechanisms or shift the direction of the external components.  In order to capture the photos of the penumbral lunar eclipse, we spent minutes at a time standing perfectly still in order not to create any vibrations around the ETX90 telescope.  We finished a little after midnight and our hands were so cold that dismounting the parts and placing them into their individual compartments was a difficult task that took a determined and dedicated mind.

This same care should be placed on every single candidate and employee that is touched by an organization.  Talent Acquisition and Management for every company should be a number one priority over all other business relations.  It is the people within the company that make it a success.  If you do not handle each person with care, it will be a dismounting mess that will leave broken parts across the organization.  How do you handle people with care this year?  You start by finding out what are their WANTS and then, lean in’ from there.

During the screening process, the talent team should be doing the discovery work to find out the wants of the candidates.  This should be taking place with the current employees as well, especially the engaged performers within the organization.  They are definitely ready to share these wants with the first person who will listen.  Don’t you want that intellectual enterprise to remain within your organization?

Become a Talent Whisperer

Start this year off by whispering to your future and current employees.  A whisperer can be defined as “an individual who possesses an extraordinary-highly developed-skill at reading and understanding communication at the deep unspoken level.”  Individuals must be empathetic to others in order to capture the candidates/employees attention, engage interests and influence behavior.

The more at ease you are able to place the individual and show them they are able to trust you are on their side (even though you work for the employer), the more successful you will become at attracting and retaining employees.

If you want your people to pay attention to you this year, along with attracting more to your organization, and once there, remain loyal, whisper to them.

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