10 HR tools for Remote or Distributed Companies

If anything at all is clear about the global economy and workforce after the chaos of the last two and a half years, it is that remote working has become more ubiquitous than before the pandemic, and that our relationship with the office has changed for ever.   On top of this, businesses everywhere have […]

Best Practices to Improve Team Communication

There is no doubt that strong communication is a key factor and a driving force behind any organization’s success. After all, what distinguishes a successful team from a bunch of individuals? A team is made up of individuals who are engaged in collaborative work. Ideally, they are aware of and share the company’s mission and […]

4 Resume Tips to Help You Get Hired

A resume is a window into your entire professional career. Employers all over the globe use resumes during the hiring process to evaluate the applicant and match their skills to the job. Your resume must encapsulate your abilities and achievements, highlight your relevant experiences, and be easy to read to land you an interview for […]

HR Tips: How to Find the Right Employee

Recruitment is one of the main responsibilities of HR managers. Making the right choice can help increase productivity, profits, and employee morale. The wrong choice usually results in a high turnover of staff or insufficient competence of employees. If you have chosen the wrong person, then you will again have to spend money on recruiting […]

5 Reasons Why HR Professionals Take TEFL Courses

In most lines of work, professionals at all levels benefit from seeking more education. It’s important for all professionals to keep up with recent trends and approaches in their chosen career.  This is also true for Human Resources (HR) personnel. One of the imperative roles of HR is to provide an avenue for the personal […]

How to Create an Outstanding Data Science Resume

Writing a resume for data science job applications is rarely a pleasurable experience, but the majority of firms demand a resume to apply for any available positions, and a resume is frequently the first stage of the process in getting past the hiring manager.   By definition, a resume is a succinct written overview of […]