Let’s Talk About Drag Queens at Work

So it might seem a little unusual to work with a cross-dresser in the cube next to you, but it may be a good thing for your organization. It’s also good for your organization to employ international workers, both men and women, those of different faiths and of different ages, ranging from Millennials to Seniors. […]

How to Recruit Internationally

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Globalization is a key driver of future growth for many growing businesses. In order to staff that growth, it is likely need to find qualified international candidates from other countries. It might be difficult for businesses with U.S.-based recruiters to find and hire excellent foreign workers. Use the advice in this article to find candidates […]

Want to Hire a Social Media Manager? Don’t Hire An “Expert"

Do you know a good social media expert with 10+ years experience? Me neither, and that’s because social media as a legitimate business tool has only been around for about 3-5 years or so. Businesses that look to hire so-called “gurus” or “experts” in this space are mistaken on two fronts: 1. Social media shouldn’t be […]