3 Steps to Improving Your Candidate Marketing

Attracting the right people amidst fierce competition for top-caliber talent is one of the biggest challenges in recruitment. Such is the reality in a candidate-driven market, where the ratio of job vacancies is much greater than the number of jobseekers. Not only do qualified applicants get to pick their employer, but they also have the […]

3 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business

Technology eases, simplifies, and speeds up daily business operations, from marketing and recruitment to record-keeping and data collection. Its role in industries is so vital that it is impossible to imagine the modern workplace without it. Technology is no longer an accessory but a necessity for maintaining communication, improving management, increasing productivity, strengthening security, and […]

4 Ways Human Resources Managers Can Lead from the Front

There is more to HR than hiring people, filling paperwork, policing policies, and processing payrolls.  Not only is HR necessary in promoting employee engagement. It is also crucial in building and bolstering a company’s culture and brand. Without these fundamentals, achieving organizational excellence is impossible.  And at the head of the Human Resource department are […]