Corporate Culture & Fit Starts with Asking Your Current Employees

Executives and HR professionals may have very different day-to-day roles, but the desire to build a productive, engaged workforce is one thing we do have in common. We’re both constantly looking for ways to not only bring in the best but also foster growth and engagement among our current workforce. I can certainly attest to […]

Keys to Scaling Your Contingent Workforce

This may just be the year of the contingent workforce. The numbers are staggering. According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast, the staffing industry in the U.S. will grow 6% in 2015 to a market size of $115 billion. Globally, the numbers are even bigger, particularly in Asia, whereas much as 20% of […]

The CEO and CHRO: The Most Important Link on the Org Chart

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In this era of “World War Talent,” the connection between an organization’s leadership team and its human resources department has never been more important. The CEO and HR leaders must be closely linked, which for many organizations requires a shift from past practice. Gone are the days of HR as an administrative cost center. HR […]

HR Trends You Can No Longer Ignore

Change is constant in HR, and 2015 is no exception. The next few years are going to bring radical new ideas, new demographics, new legislation, and new workforce paradigms. The economy has finally returned to pre-recession levels, Boomers are retiring in droves, hiring is surging, and the war for talent rages on. I offer you […]