Happiness Blog: Climbing Up Table Mountain

Climbing Up Table Mountain When you think of Cape Town, South Africa, you think of Table Mountain, the iconic landmark that towers over the city. The spectacular, flat-topped mountain is the number one tourist attraction in South Africa and was voted as one of the new “seven wonders” of the natural world in 2011. I […]

Happiness Is A Warm Lead

“When I hold you in my arms, And I feel my finger on your trigger, I know that nobody can do me no harm, Because happiness is a warm gun.” Making Your Employees Happy The safety and security of a loaded firearm was satirised by John Lennon in a song from the Beatles’ White Album. […]

I Can’t Get No (Career Satisfaction)

Career satisfaction is hard to come by, even if you are the frontman of one of the most successful British rock groups of all time. In the Rolling Stones’ hit “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)” Mick Jagger sings: “When I’m watchin’ my TV And that man comes on to tell me How white my shirts […]