Are Rehires a Risk or a Sure Thing?

are rehires a risk or a sure thing

Steve Jobs left Apple, a company he co-founded, and then returned to take the organisation to new heights. Several years ago, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rehired more than 300 of its previously fired workers. A number of professional coaches, including Art Shell of the Oakland Raiders and Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves, […]

Visibility Is Crucial to Developing Star Employees

visibility is crucial to developing star employees

Research consistently finds that employees across the generational spectrum believe that one of a manager’s fundamental roles is to support the development of his or her employees. And yet, in most organizations, the level of satisfaction with that development remains relatively low. Leaders—aware of this expectation and, in most cases, wanting to deliver on it—make […]

4 Ways to Combat Substance Abuse at Work

4 ways to combat substance abuse in the workplace

This piece by Kate Rodriguez was originally published on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.  U.S. workplaces may be safer than they’ve ever been, but creating policies that support accident-free organisations has become more complicated. This thanks to substance abuse, which is on the rise among adults over 18, according to government estimates. David Schein, […]

4 Strategies to Retain The Best of the Best

4 strategies to retain the best of the best

Unwanted attrition is an unfortunate yet inevitable reality in today’s business environment. Current studies highlight the threat facing leaders domestically and internationally: According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace, 51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs. 34% of employees plan to leave their current roles within the next 12 months according […]

Developing An Elevator Pitch for Your Employer Brand

developing an elevator pitch for your employer brand

When companies have a job opening, they need to fill it as soon as possible, and ideally they would have several high-quality candidates to choose from quickly. Why is speed so important? According to Randstad data, each job vacancy costs an average of $500 a day. However, companies can no longer expect to successfully woo […]