Resume Myths Series: #2 – The Resume Must Be One Page

Genesis of the 1-page resume Back in 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s, it was common to see one-page resumes. Candidates frequently were told something like, “if you can’t say it in one page, don’t bother.” What was the point? Could it be possible that people back then didn’t want to read anything lengthy? This is possible […]

Resume Writing for IT Job Hoppers

Strategies for IT Job Seekers to Include In Their Resumes

Resume Writing for IT Job Hoppers In today’s job market, resumes are being scrutinized like never before. And for good reason, job seekers with many short stints in their work history are concerned. After all, the label “job hopper” is one no one wants to wear. But it is common for those in the IT […]

Great Technology Cover Letters

The Importance of the Cover Letter

So many technical people ask me about the importance of the cover letter in today’s job market. The concern is that no one out there actually reads them. In fact, as many companies have gone to the online resume submission process 100%, they often don’t allow candidates to include a cover letter. Is the Cover […]

Common Tech Resume Mistakes

Common Resume Mistakes: Lack of Focus, Length, Big Blocks of Text, Repeated Technologies and Weak Verbs & Passive Voice

I review many technical resumes each week, and they span the horrible-great continuum. However, most tend to be in the range of average to quite poor. One I reviewed recently struck me as a prime example of what would constitute horrible. So I thought it appropriate to write a blog covering some of the common […]

Resume Myth Series #3: Functional Resumes Rule

For the third installment of our series on resume myths, we going to dispel this lingering rumor that functional resumes are a viable approach for the average job seeker. Now don’t get me wrong, functional resumes do have their place, and they are appropriate on occasion. However, most job seekers that use the functional resume […]

Resume Myths Series: #1 – The Wow Factor on a Resume

How Important is your Brand Statement

What is the Resume Wow Factor? I think I have a split personality. Well, I certainly have two totally different yet simultaneous reactions when a past or prospective client emails me one of those canned resume assessments. These critiques make me laugh hysterically and yet seethe inwardly at the same time. As part of the […]