How to Show that You’re Thankful for Your Employees

With the explosion of Christmas decorations that seemed to happen before the last of the trick-or-treaters returned home, it is hard to remember that there is another major U.S. holiday between now and December 25. What I like most about Thanksgiving is that it is one of the only holidays that is not consumed with […]

Developing Internal Candidates

In HR and recruiting, it seems that we are always on a quest to find the perfect candidate and to fill a seemingly unending list of job openings. Managers may be pressuring us to find candidates with enough experience that they can slide right into a job with little to no training. The reality is […]

HR Horror Stories

Halloween is right around the corner, so it is the perfect time of year for scary stories. I usually write about HR and advice for improving your workplace, but in honor of the my favorite holiday, I want to look at some of the more unusual and, yes, scary stories I have come across working […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity in the HR Trenches

Working on the front lines of HR can be stressful. Life in the HR trenches means dealing with decisions about terminations, investigating sensitive issues and putting out workplace fires. During my time in corporate HR, I had days that were so busy that employees would wait for me outside the bathroom just to get a […]

Managing Employees with Attendance Issues

Employee Time Management, Employee Tardiness, Employee Discipline

Managing Employees with Attendance Issues Establishing clear expectations is the first step in encouraging good attendance. For instance, do your employees have some freedom regarding when they can arrive at work or are they compelled to report for duty at a set time? Do your staff members understand the rules regarding attendance? With clearly communicated […]

The Value of Trusting Employees #CAHR15

The Value of Trusting Employees How well do you trust your employees? Take a moment to think about this question. Think about your current policies, the amount of approval employees must get in the course of performing their jobs and your overall attitude toward employees. Do you see them as people who are just going […]