10 TEDTalks That Will Help you Create an Employee Centered Organization

10 tedtalks to help you create an employee centred organization

From SouthWest Airlines to Airbnb the factor that unites successful organizations across industries is their employees. An engaged workforce is the key to increasing customer satisfaction, productivity and innovation. To truly create a great experience we have to get into the mindset of our employees, understand what motivates them, rethink team dynamics, create an inclusive […]

3 Companies That Boost Success By Improving Performance Management

3 Companies That Boost Success By Improving Performance Management

Much has been written on the failures of old-school performance management, the dreaded annual review; and how it alienates managers and their reports alike. Enough about the negatives though, grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy discovering the positive changes performance management has prompted in companies the world over. Google What? In the (almost) 20 […]

How to Apply Design Thinking in your Workplace

how to apply design thinking to performance management

In an illuminating TEDTalk “The way we think about work is broken”, Barry Schwartz encourages us to think about whether it’s human nature that creates institutions or institutions which can shape human nature. In traditional factory lines work was based simply on the exchange of labor for money. However, money doesn’t have to be the […]

How to Use Storytelling to Communicate People Data

how to use storytelling to communicate people data

Julie is nervous about her forthcoming meeting with the executive board. As HR director of her company, she noticed a significant dip in employee engagement right around the annual performance appraisal period. She goes into the meeting armed with her engagement data and a proposal to change the current system which has been in place […]

Objectively Measuring Employee Performance

10 tips on measuring employee performance objectively

Like many other HR professionals and managers, you have probably read countless articles on how to measure employee performance, difference scales to use and the type of feedback you should give. While these may all be useful; as a manager, it can be difficult to measure employee performance as you most likely don’t work in […]