500+? How Many LinkedIn Connections Do They REALLY Have?

LinkedIn Network Visibility

Back in the day, LinkedIn profiles clearly displayed exactly how many connections you had. As the networking rush kicked in, many people ran with it, building networks with thousands of connections and the open networking race was on. LinkedIn’s attempt to curtail this trend was to cap the number displayed on profiles with the now ubiquitous […]

11 Cool LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers at SXSW

South By Southwest 2013 is just around the corner and there’s quite a lot of online buzz about it… What started out as a small festival back in 1987 is now a giant mega-conference catering to lovers of music, film and all-things-interactive. More than 30,000 attendees are expected at this year’s event and that’s a […]

Don’t Be a LinkedIn Don’t

What not to do on LinkedIn

Don’t Be a LinkedIn Don’t  Every now and then, I’ll be networking on LinkedIn when I’m suddenly reminded of the “Fashion Don’t” page at the back of Glamour Magazine. You know, the one where the poor, unsuspecting victim is walking around committing some fashion faux pas with a little black box covering her eyes to […]

7 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Search

linkedin, job search, social media

You’ve built your LinkedIn profile, updated your work experience and education, and you’re all set to launch your job search, land new clients, and/or grow your business. But how do you stand out from LinkedIn’s 200 million other members? How do you make sure that people and opportunities can actually find you? It all comes […]