Video Interview? Don’t Panic

As time passes, in-person interviews may start to become more and more of a thing of the past. By chatting with prospective hires over the internet, companies can save time–both yours and theirs—and often handle the hiring process more efficiently. Rather than having you come back multiple times to meet with different members of the […]

5 Creative Ways to Deliver a Lasting Presentation

Public speaking may come naturally to a lucky group of people – but for many of us, presenting to a large group can be a daunting task. But even great public speakers can deliver dull presentations when there’s nothing noteworthy about the way they’re trying to reach an audience. After all, humans now have a […]

How a Nursing Degree Changes the Face of Medicine

Before you enter the field of nursing, there is one key component to consider if you seek advancement during your clinical career, and that’s earning a bachelor of science in nursing degree. Hospitals, clinics and treatment centers rely on a nurse’s knowledge and wherewithal in administering quality healthcare to patients as well as in presenting […]

The Real Value of Video Calling for Virtual Meetings

The modern world loves video. Netflix and YouTube make up a half of North America’s traffic on the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media have their own video apps. We love a lot of TV commercials, but only if we can see them online without interrupting our TV programs. But we don’t love videophone […]