Seven Types of Support and Training Managers Need

seven types of training and support managers need

We have all heard about the importance of learning and development, aka training, yet not many employers do it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers with fewer than 100 employees provided only 0.8 hours – that’s only 12 minutes – of manager training per six-month period. Organizations with 100-500 employees provided only 0.9 hours (6 minutes) […]

Hiring Is Only the First Step: What You Should Know About New Employee Orientation

What you should know about new employee orientation

From day one, the employee orientation is an integral part of employees’ success. Orientations have a lot of value to both the new employee and the company. For the employee, you are introducing them to their new co-workers, giving a tour of the facility, and setting the expectations for their new role. During this process, […]

What Small Businesses Need to Know About FMLA

what small businesses need to know about fmla

Owning a small business can be stressful, especially when making sure you are compliant with all the laws and regulations. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a probably something you’ve heard about, but do you understand what it is? How do you determine if you have to offer it? There are many questions […]

My Top Job Boards for 2018

my top job boards for 2018

My Top Job Boards for 2018 As of July 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for the nation was at 3.9 percent (seasonally adjusted). With a pretty low unemployment rate, talent acquisition teams and hiring managers have a tough time finding talent. The question that comes up frequently is regarding […]

Employee Onboarding: How and Why

employee onboarding: how and why

You’ve hired a new employee. They are excited for a new opportunity. Now what? Employee orientation is just as important to the employee as it is the company. If a new hire starts off on the right track, they are more likely to stay engaged and stay with the company longer. Maren Hogan, from Red […]