Amazon and the Perception of an Excellent Workplace Culture

As you know we have been writing about Culture at PIC this month, and as so often happens we get to the end of the month and it is time for my post. Then, I struggle to come up with something new and different, something that hasn’t been said yet, hopefully a piece that is new, different […]

HR Learning From Healthcare

My wife underwent surgery recently. This provided me the chance to spend days at a time hanging out in a hospital. My intention was to be present to meet my wife’s needs in any way. I couldn’t help but watch everything that was happening there with keen interest. Their procedures and processes piqued my interest, […]

HR Lessons from the NFL

So, lately, the NFL has been in the news about an incident which is still unfolding with the Miami Dolphins.  For the time being, this incident is centering around a couple of players – Johnathon Martin and Richie Incognito. The accusations range from bullying to racial discrimination to hazing and so on.  Moving away from […]