Managing Up or Out: The Underbelly of Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement has gotten a lot of well-deserved attention over the years, and the topic has now interestingly reached saturation. Leaders in the talent industry should celebrate the results of their tenacity since they are no longer isolated voices on this issue. A worldwide skills gap is acknowledged by almost all corporate leaders. Most intelligent […]

How 4 Day Work Weeks Can Change Your Work/Life Balance

How 4 Day Work Weeks Can Change Your Work/Life Balance Last month, the company I work for implemented a “four-day workweek” policy in conjunction with its 30th Anniversary. Among other objectives, the new benefit is designed to spark and incentivize the creativity, speed and agility that embody our startup roots. We expected and received a […]

Unlimited Vacation: It’s Good To Be in the 1 Percent

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about unlimited vacation and parental leave. On August 4th, 2015 Netflix’s Chief Talent Officer, Tawni Cranz announced a new unlimited leave policy for new moms and dads during the first year after a child’s birth or adoption. The company I work for, a la mode technologies recently announced […]

The Power of Social Labels 

While attending a large church conference recently, I found myself waiting on a very slow hotel elevator. As I paced the floor I noticed an African American youth walking toward me down the hall. The Power of Social Labels I’m not proud to say that I felt a small amount of fear. I was alone […]

Applying Mindfullness to HR Requires Practice

Defining Mindfullness First, let’s define mindfullness. For the purpose of this post I’ll submit that mindfulness is a state of awareness about the situation at hand, with attention toward thoughts and feelings without judgment. Why is the suspension of judgment important for mindfulness? Because, stepping back and first witnessing an event without the burden of […]

Managing Remote Workers Requires Emotional Effort

If you search on the subject of “remote employee management,” you’ll find a great deal of timely and useful information. Even though the subject isn’t new, the socioeconomic conditions that drive the need for remote employees and virtual teams are accelerating and expanding throughout the world. Remote Teams Are Growing in Popularity And, it’s not getting […]