Recruiting Is A Problem of Perception

Hiring and Recruiting Challenges While actively recruiting there were many aspects of the profession I truly enjoyed. The ability to make connections, find common ground with perfect strangers, and help people attain their dream jobs…awesome! There was, however, one byproduct of the profession that I was blindly unaware of: The Recruiter Prejudice. If I had […]

Jane Austin Guide to Promoting Your Employer Brand

Guide to Promoting Your Employer Brand Let us pretend for a moment that our dear friend, Jane Austin, after successfully tackling the novel circuit, decided to approach a new challenge: writing employer brand guides for HR. Being of great understanding of the human condition, and a unique ability to convey her thoughts, it is without […]

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your New Job & Career

The robins are back, daffodils in bloom, and those tiny soldier ants are beginning to lay siege on the kitchen. Spring has officially sprung (at least in my part of the US, my condolences to the North.) With winds changing we will often start filling our evenings and weekends with household and yard projects. There […]

Be Humble. Be Kind. Especially in the Job Search

Last week while in the midst of 5 o’clock traffic, making my way to the grocery store for a single red onion, thinking about the day’s trials and tribulations, a song started to float through the radio waves that immediately struck a cord. Being a Tennessee resident this song was naturally of the country music […]

What Science and Recruiters Want From Your LinkedIn Profile Photo(s)

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Naturally, as a full-time recruiter I spend an exorbitant amount of time pursuing LinkedIn profiles. It’s a recruiter’s most frequent online destination when being charged with filling a job opening. While not all profiles are created equal, it never fails that every couple weeks I run across a real doozy. These are profiles that have […]

Your Interview Packing List

So you finally got that call back asking you to come in for an interview. Congrats! This is an exciting time full of nerves, palm sweats, and last minute shopping for the perfect interview outfit, or just something you won’t have to iron yourself. Amongst all that running around it can be easy to forget […]