Project Management: The Hole In Your Kids’ Education

Knowledge Overrated, Skill Development, Self-Directed Learning,

Four years ago, my friend Kris Reynolds was exasperated. He had just spent hours helping his daughter study for a states and capitals test. After ten torturous rounds of flash cards, she had had enough. “Why do I have to know this?!” she whined.  Kris gave it some thought. “You don’t.” he answered. Since that […]

What Should a Salary of a Project Manager Be?

Factors That Determine the Salary of a Project Manager

Project Management is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, reflected in the fact that the median salary for American PMs is around $105,000. Numbers can be deceiving, however, especially in this case: the range of the salary of a project manager will vary wildly depending on a few factors most HR […]

“Pssst…Robots are After Your Job”

Surviving the Automation Revolution

Will your job be extinct in 50 years? WIRED magazine thinks so. Its 2012 cover story (“The Robot Takeover”) predicts that by the end of this century, over 70% of existing jobs will be automated—to include most traditionally “white collar” professions.  Journalism, education, law, medicine—all of these are fields that are already experiencing the birth […]

5 Easy Steps to Building Your Life Plan As Told by a Project Manager

Life Management 101: A Guide by a Neurotic Project Manager

Your life is a project. This is true both metaphorically and technically. Your life has a defined beginning and end. You have a scope, schedule, and budget unique to you. And if you do it right, you should leave satisfied that you’ve contributed something special. So who better than a neurotic, contingency-obsessed, ulcer-plagued Project Manager […]

The PM’s Guide to Fan Cleaning

5 Steps to Rescue a Troubled Project

How to Turn a Troubled Project Around “Tell me about a time when you contemplated faking your death.” This really should be a standard interview question for aspiring Project Managers. Weary, beleaguered, and just on the edge of sanity, there comes a moment in every PM’s life when he or she experiences a desperate impulse […]