Would You Sacrifice Your Arm for Your Job?

Would you be willing to give up your arm for your job?   What about part of your arm? What percentage of your arm would you sacrifice for your job? Probably none, am I right? I’m guessing most people wouldn’t regard giving up their arm for their job as a worthy cause. Rather an odd start […]

Your Pet Project Is Probably Going to Fail

Your Pet Project Is Probably Going to Fail …but there might be some things you can do to avoid it.    The successful execution of a project, like the creation of any effective work environment, is reliant on the leadership of the group. In a project’s case, this falls heavily on the Project Manager (PM) […]

HR Innovation in the Digital World

hr innovation in a digital world

How do you go about innovating new solutions within your organisation (or the organisations you work with)? Recently I’ve had some great discussions on this issue, as the impact of global ways of working further permeates into our every day. When innovating, tailoring a solution to your own organisation’s unique set of challenges and its […]

Getting Uncomfortable in HR: Adapting to our Changing World

We hear it a lot: the world of work is changing. Often we hear it at the beginning of a big sweeping statement about how we need to become more ‘responsive’, more ‘agile’ and that because Google, Facebook and Snapchat are doing something new with their approach to employment then you should be too. Adapting […]