HR Needs to Hire more Scuba Divers and Astronauts

I have been extremely critical of the HR profession and the lack of skills present to compete as HR moves from a personality centric profession to one that requires advance knowledge in analytics, information technology, and the transformation in communications as it relates to the Internet, social media, mobile, and supporting analytics. The fact is […]

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the HR Profession

As I have mentioned before, HR is my second career. My first was that of a polymer chemist where I spent my days working with chemical engineers, chemists, and other technical individuals at companies such as Unocal, BASF, and Union Carbide. I have quite a unique perspective on how a career in HR compares to […]

Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter?

I was quite taken aback by the text appearing on my screen: “Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter”. As a disciple of the quality movement in the 80’s my heart skipped a beat as I thought “what is this”? It did not help that the article was written by the CEO of Gallup, Jim Clifton. Oh no, not […]

HR Is One of the Most Important Functions in an Organization

So why has no one received the memo? I’ll be up front with you. My second career is in HR. In the 1980s, I started out as a polymer scientist. I got interested in that era’s Quality movement as a member of my cohort. My mentors were Juran, Demming, and Crosby, and I concentrated on […]

The Emerging Digital Recruiting Challenge

I believe the advent of the Internet along with the subsequent continued advances in connection speed, infrastructure improvement, and social tool capability is having a profound effect on corporations and society on par with the industrial revolution. There are 3 big challenges / shifts I see for the recruiting function as our profession migrates to […]