Why A-Teams Beat A Players

“There is no I in team” is probably one of the most used phrases in business, school sports, and group exercises the world over. The idea that the group as a unit being more important than any one individual is an old one and now has data to backup the anecdotal stories of teams working perfectly together […]

What You Should Really Think of Person and Company Fit

Is she a Googler? Is he a Briteling? Like snowflakes and fingerprints, each company is unique. They are much alike in many ways, just like all snowflakes are made of snow, but there are certain values, cultural elements, and eccentricities that make them like no other company around.  Within our three legged-stool of person-job fit, person-organization fit, […]

Person-Role-Fit: Act Like the Job You Want

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Of all the different measures of person fit, this is probably the most widely used and also the one most often done by “gut feel”. Because of our personalities (as well as interests, environment, upbringing, etc) we are drawn to and excel at certain work roles over others. While there are always outliers, people who work […]

Both Work and Life Are Better with Shorter & More Focused Days

The “Nine to Five” has long ago been replaced by the “Eight to Six” and the “Seven to Nine”. Technology is making it easier for us to worker longer hours, both in the office and at home (or on vacation too), but are we getting more done? Is this work providing us with a better […]

The Workplace Benefits of Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness and meditation have seen a resurgence in the past few years in the business community and at first, it seemed like just another gimmicky seminar track. Another method for mandatory trainings, for mid-level managers to show that they are taking advantage of the “cutting edge” in workplace productivity, and for workers to become more […]