Is Recruiting Ready for AI?

is recruiting ready for ai?

Artificial intelligence is an idea that is present all around us. It began a few years ago when it became possible to collect enormous volumes of data and utilize technology to analyze that data. Predictive analytics in particular has become increasingly popular since then, changing practically every aspect of our life. With the aim of […]

4 Ways to Gain Credibility with C-Suite Leadership

What techniques are effective to create a collaborative relationship between HR leaders and the C-suite? I’m not speaking of a ‘seat at the table’ – organizations move too fast to be sitting down! However, time and time again, we hear about how HR believes they aren’t a part of the strategic direction of an organization […]

What Will Happen Now With Arbitration?

what will happen next with arbitration

Employment arbitration is a fairly new concept that has mushroomed into a very common practice in employment agreements. In 1992, only 2% of non-unionized workers were under arbitration agreements; currently that number is 54%. The main consequence of an arbitration clause is the employee abandons their right to sue an employer. Most agreements require binding […]