Why HR Professionals Need Mental Health First Aid Training

Many human resources professionals are under-informed about mental health issues. HR professionals should be equipped with the knowledge and abilities essential to recognize and handle employees’ mental health illnesses early on as they are the first line of defense in resolving issues relating to their productivity and general well-being. Like me, you’ve probably encountered coworkers […]

The Rosa Parks Principle: Lead By Example

The most important action a leader can take is to set the example.  A successful business cannot sustain itself by standing still.  Today’s leaders regularly find themselves called upon to lead employees through projects that change the way business is done.  Change is scary.  Whether implementing a new technology, improving a process, reorganizing the company […]

How to Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

The subject of suicide has long been taboo in the workplace. Suicide prevention is not a topic on which professionals are taught or trained, not even inside HR. However, the recent suicide deaths of Robin Williams, a comedian, and Andreas Lubitz, a pilot for Germanwings, have sparked a public discussion about mental illness and suicide […]

Pay for Performance Without Using Ratings

pay for peformance, ratings, performance reviews

A trend is emerging as businesses eliminate ratings from their performance management processes.  Major companies such as Adobe Systems and Deloitte have re-engineered their performance management programs.  The new-and-improved-processes retain the key components of traditional performance management that are productive, most notably holding meetings with employees to provide feedback and coaching.   But summary numerical […]

How To Establish a Mentally Healthy Corporate Culture

May is Mental Health Month.  How healthy is your workplace?  Is the corporate culture free of the stigma long associated with mental illness?  Are employees educated about the importance of their mental health and knowledgeable about treatment resources available to them? I’ve worked in several industries and for companies large and small.  And I’ve found […]

May is Mental Health Month #mhm2015

The 2015 campaign’s objective is to raise awareness about the importance of addressing mental health issues early and planning a course of action that will improve overall health. Employers can leverage the national campaign’s messages and materials to launch their own campaign to improve employees’ health and well being. A healthier and more productive work […]