How to Choose Employees As Business & Workplace Mentors

Mentors play an instrumental role in the personal and professional development of employees at all levels within the company.  The most effective place for a mentor is within the onboarding of new employees.  The mentee is able to advance at an accelerated rate by-passing roadblocks that might have occurred in the first months on the […]

The Interview: Put Your Best Self Forward

Interviewing is one time in our lives that we become actors performing on stage.  This can build anxiety levels in the majority of us, as we have not written or practiced our scripts prior to the interview.  Plus, we are not accustomed to being in the spotlight.  One of the motto’s of actors is “Think […]

Dear Santa: Bring The Gift of Growth

We are finishing out the final days of 2013, which makes it a perfect time for reflecting on the past and present to open ourselves for personal and professional growth in the coming year.  For each one of us, every day is marked with choices that make up the overall stories of our lives.  There […]

2014 Employment Branding: Imagine, Create & Be the Brand

Most companies are just now catching on to the power of employment branding.  We recently were introduced to the highly creative employment branding videos of Apple, Ernst & Young, Google, Intel, and Accenture.  Each company was able to capture the companies’ culture, along with all the possibilities an employee will experience while working at each […]

Sowing the Seeds: Planting Kindness in the Workplace

Do you have anyone at your current employment that no matter how bad a day you are having; you know you can count on them to lighten your load?  The unconditional kindness they shower upon others like seeds of wildflowers.  Over the past couple years; I have been honored to work with one of these […]

Candidate Competition: Winning The Race

The healthcare industry has been hit hard these past couple years with a significant increase in employee turnover rates.  The culmination of more and more healthcare companies, along with all the healthcare changes and the individualism found in majority of employees has made it very difficult to retain an employee for the long term. Candidate […]