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The Future of Education and the Future of Work

the future of education and the future of work are linked

I recently read an article about a meeting of a Tasmanian leadership group. The group was talking about the future of work and what it means for Tasmania. The issues they discussed, especially how education and work will interact going forward, are relevant to all of us. Interaction with Education The authors, Andrew Pitt and […]

Jacob Morgan says HR needs to WAKE UP

futurist jacob morgan says hr needs to wake up

I pay attention to Jacob Morgan. He is a futurist of some renown, he writes good book, gives good talks and makes good videos. This one is a message that HR needs to hear. Here is a non-HR person telling us we are doing a good job and we don’t realize it. These are words […]

Is the Future of Work Really All that New?

future of work

Stephen King once said, in The Colorado Kid, “sooner or later, everything old is new again.” We see clothing styles come back, we see performers enjoy a resurgence of popularity with new generations, and ideas often recycle. The same thing applies to some things in the world of work. Recycling Mark Eltringham, the publisher of […]