Top Reads of the Week: Workplace Equality

workplace equality

Now that the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index is out, every organization in the top ten has been trumpeting their big win. But increasing workplace equality is about more than being recognized by this or that campaign (though I’m sure it feels nice). HRC itself has been criticized for recognizing Monsanto’s efforts to increase […]

If Robots Can Be Citizens, They Can Be Employees

Last month Saudi Arabia recognized the humanoid robot Sophia, by granting it citizenship. The robot, which looks like a very plastic person and has sufficiently sophisticated AI to carry on short conversations, was designed by Hong Kong robotics firm Hanson Robotics, was granted citizenship during the Future Investment Initiative summit in Riyadh. It thanked its new home […]

How Important Is Passion?

is it important to have passion for your work

A recent Ask A Manager question got me thinking about the importance of passion at work. Allison’s reader asked if it was necessary to fake passion to get a job; if it was ever ok to not be all that enthusiastic about a potential gig. Allison responded that no, you don’t ever need to take […]

What Happens When HR Is Part of the Problem?

what happens when hr is part of the problem

Since the New York Times published an investigative report looking into decades of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse by Harvey Weinstein, dozens of women and men have come forward about predators in Hollywood and other industries. Earlier this year it was the tech industry that was the focus of such allegations and lawsuits, and […]

How Young Is “Old” In Tech?

how young is

According to a recent survey by Indeed 43% of tech workers are worried they’ll lose their jobs when they age out of tech’s ideal. All workers worry about ageism, especially as they get closer to retirement age, but what’s different about tech is how young those worries set in. How Young Is “Old” In Tech? […]

Facebook Is Becoming LinkedIn Is Becoming Facebook

facebook is becoming linkedin is becoming Facebook

Earlier this week Facebook previewed a new feature that allows users to privately share resumes, or in their parlance, work histories. Also this week, LinkedIn began rolling out video ads targeting its own LinkedIn Audience Network. But that’s just this week – this whole year has been marked by Facebook and LinkedIn biting each other’s […]