Five Reads On How AI Is Transforming the Workplace

five reads on how ai is transforming the workplace

It seems like all we talk about lately is how AI and machine learning are changing HR, so…here are five more reads on the topic? But more seriously, here are five new perspectives or developments in this ongoing conversation. Five Reads On How AI Is Transforming the Workplace Your Wokplace Rewards Men More and AI […]

Catching Up On Compensation and Work Perk Trends

catching up on compensation and work perk trends

2017 was a wild ride for Human Resources. The fast pace of political and economic change meant a lot of uncertainty and while many of the administration’s core policies are set in stone by now, we’ve already seen its willingness to continue to make sweeping changes (currently, to tax policies). In the face of such […]

Five Things to Rethink About Employee Engagement

5 things to rethink about employee engagement

Employee engagement has been a top HR trend for years now. We know it’s important and we all want to increase our engagement levels, but…how? It’s notoriously difficult to raise and maintain high levels of employee engagement and beyond that, proving to your own boss why it’s so important can be hard. So here are […]

Downsizing During the Holidays

downsizing during the holidays: a sign of bad planning

These past two weeks my Twitter feed has been full of announcements from colleagues about being let go or having just missed being on the chopping block, while dozens of others found themselves out of a job. Yes, it’s holiday layoffs season again! Every year thousands of Americans are downsized, laid off, or just plain […]

What Is the National Day of Mourning?

Not all your employees are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. For some, it’s just not a part of their family traditions. For others, Thanksgiving represents nothing but bad memories. Not everyone comes from a happy family, and going home to spend time with relatives you despise, or have hurt you in the past is obviously stressful. […]