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What We Can Learn From Starbucks Closing its US Pay Gaps

Starbucks has closed all us pay gaps

Starbucks Executive Vice President and chief Partner Officer, Lucy Helm, announced last week that the company has closed all race, sex and gender-based wage gaps in its American operations. The news was shared at Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting and positioned as part of its overall growth strategy: investing in partners, global expansion and social impact. […]

5 SXSW Trends to Take Home With You

5 sxsw trends to take home with you

Now that SXSW has wrapped for the year, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of the conference’s biggest trends and think about which ones would be the most useful to you, me, and us in the long term. Sometimes ideas or gadgets blow up and have a brief […]

Will You Have to Insure Employees’ Robot Children?

will you have to insure your employees robot children

Will You Have to Insure Employees’ Robot Children? No, that’s not a joke headline. A Spanish scientist, Dr. Sergio Santos, who builds sex robots as his side hustle plans to father children with his sex robot girlfriend. No, that’s not a joke either. Dr. Santos says that he could, essentially, build a baby – a […]

The SXSW Keynotes You Cannot Skip

the 4 sxsw keynotes you can't afford to miss

Over the years SXSW has grown and grown, until it’s become a conference with something for everyone. That bigness extends even to the conferences keynotes, with one for every major conference track. This year they’ve got entertainment heavy hitters like director Darren Aronofsky and music executive Lyor Cohen. They’ve also booked stars of the business and […]

5 SXSW Panels On Workplace Diversity You Shouldn’t Miss

5 sxsw panels on technology and workforce diversity

SXSW seems to get bigger every year, doesn’t it? Picking wick sessions and meet ups to attend certainly doesn’t get any easier. That’s why I put together a list of 5 intriguing panels on workforce diversity. Some of them are about how tech can be leveraged to improve your hiring processes – if you use […]

5 Perspectives On Expanding Paid Leave

Is it time to expand paid family and sick leave in America? 88% of civilian workers now have access to paid family leave but only 15% can take time off for a new baby, or to take care of a sick family member, while still being paid. The numbers for sick leave are similar, with […]