Tech Bootcamps Are Better At Recruiting Diverse Students Than Higher Ed

For-profit coding bootcamps have a more diverse student population than traditional colleges and they produce better career outcomes for these diverse students. At least, that’s what a new study by startup Course Report shows. According to Course Report, 36% of bootcamp graduates are female; graduates from college computer science programs are only 14.1% female. While only 3.2% of […]

Dorsey Gives Back Stock: Equity As Employee Morale at Twitter

Last week we talked about Jack Dorsey’s return to Twitter, a company he co-founded, as its new CEO, and the round of layoffs he initiated almost immediately. This week we’re talking about Dorsey giving back 1%, valued at roughly $200 million, of his stock in the company to the employee equity pool. My gosh. In […]

What Back to the Future Can Teach Us About Success

What Back to the Future Can Teach Us About Success DeLorians, hoverboards, incestuous crushes (really, Mom McFly, really?) and Buddy Holly aside, Back to the Future is about ethics, hard work and the power of personal brands. Stay with me, now. It’s Back to the Future Day, after all, so I was bound to tie it […]

Top Five: Digging Deeper into #Twitterlayoffs

The big news in social media this week was Twitter’s 300+ layoffs, mostly at — but not limited to — it’s San Francisco headquarters. It quickly became more than a business story, with employees taking to Reddit to share their layoff stories, several having found out early when they attempted to log in and get […]

Urban Outfitters Will Keep Asking Employees to Work for Free

Last week Gawker shared an email sent from URBN to its Urban Outfitters home office employees. The email encouraged salaried workers to take advantage of the opportunity that the holiday shopping season provided: a chance to work weekends in Urban Outfitters fulfillment centres, learning about this important side of the business and, if you came […]

Top Four: Job Growth Low, But Job Losses Low Too

Job Growth Low, But Job Losses Low Too The BLS jobs report is out and the news is… murky? There’s growth, but not as much as expected, and employment is high, but people aren’t necessarily able to find the jobs they want. The response has ranged from panic to satisfaction. Let’s delve in. Poor Jobs […]